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About Us

Who we are ?

Welcome to, a website from Montreal that aims to fans of the profitability of real estate rentals! Whether you are an advertiser or a person looking for a rental, it is important to make profitable choices.
In order to help you, we provide you with one of the most efficient web platform that facilitates the interactions, while avoiding you multiple disadvantages. In this way, the advertiser has full control over his reservations and the confidentiality of the personal information required namely the rental address and e-mail address. The ads are free and have unlimited number of photos, as well as a constant visibility on map. A list of conditions and points of interest facilitates the publication.
Discover our website and enjoy the multiple advantages!
The adventure does not stop here, because we are always looking to improve your experience. Moreover, other services will be added progressively.
To all those who send us their suggestions, we thank you from our heart!

User’s guide

You will receive a software platform designed to provide you with effective tools for advertising and finding a property for rent that meets your requirements. The website offers a quick search page and an advanced search page.

Finding a property for rent

Types of properties. On the website you can find different types of properties: houses to rent, cottages for rent, townhouses for rent, twin houses for rent, apartments for rent, rooms for rent.

Quick Search. The web site offers you a world full screen map, interactive, that you can move or zoom to your liking. Before any research, zoomed to the maximum, the map allows you to discover various possible points of interest.

The “Advanced Search” button, offers you the possibility of passing on the advanced search page to better refine your search.

In the “Location” box it is important to include the name of the place (country) and to make the choice that the geo-referencing system offers. The search begins at the moment when the choice is made, so you do not need to use a search button. This is practical, isn’t it !

Advanced Search. If you began a quick search but you want to refine your search, by clicking on “Advanced Search”, you will be transferred to the page of “Advanced Search” while keeping your search criteria. It’s awesome! The “Advanced Search” offers more search criteria and also a listing. The map only displays the ads contained in the listing page.

The advanced search page lists by default the price per night. Consequently, the map displays by default only ads with price per night. If you are looking for a rental for a period equivalent to a weekend, a week, a month or more, you must make your choice from the drop down menu for the type of price.

The favorite ads can be saved by clicking on the sign of the heart that appears inside of the poster. To manage favorites it is necessary to create an account (maximum 45 seconds). It’s free!

The ad allows you to view an unlimited number of pictures. The information is structured and easy to read. You can contact the seller and share the ad via various social networks available.

Advertising a property. To advertise a property you must create an account. It is quick and easy!

The easiest way to get a website account is to access the “Login” and choose a connection via your Yahoo or Facebook or Google account, if you have one. It’s fast as lightning! As mentioned in the Privacy Policy paragraph, the website keeps an email address related to the account to allow you to receive messages from the users. It is up to you to change your mailing address as well as your name and first name.

The second way to get an account is to access the “Save” option and to choose a username, a password and an email address you already have. An email account creation confirmation will be sent to this address. We suggest you keep this message that can be useful if you ever forget your login details. In such a situation you also have the option to access the “Forgot your password? ” option. An email will be sent to the e-mail address you indicate and will remind you of your login details.

Your profile. Once logged into your profile, you can change your login details and your personal data. Your account allows you to efficiently manage your rental activities absolutely free. offers the possibility to publish an unlimited number of ads as long as they are not identical and that each contains information that is related to the property for rent.

You can see all your active ads, modify or delete them, add a new ad, view your favorites, view and delete reservations.

Ad content

In your account, the option “Add an ad” offers the following structure:
Description – title, property type, capacity, city, description.

Price per night, per weekend, per week or per month – If you do not plan prices per night your ad will be visible by default only on the map of the quick search. As mentioned, the map of the advanced search, displays by default only ads with price per night. However, it is possible to see your ad on the advanced search menu if you choose the price category that you have chosen when publishing the ad.

Images – You can publish an unlimited number of pictures. For better accuracy, it is suggested that the photos be in landscape (horizontal). To select the first picture, you simply click on the chosen picture and a star will confirm your choice.

Details on the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, contact phone number and website address if applicable.

Location of the property for rent – Enter the correct address in existing fields. The address will not be public; this is only for the location on map. The postal code is optional.

Amenities available in your property for rent – The choice of amenities that you made in your property for rent will appear distinct, in bold. The choices that are not checked will appear crossed out. The first six choices (long-term rental, short term rental, furnished property, unfurnished property, non-pet friendly, non-smoking) are among the advanced search criteria.

Points of interest – on the same principle as amenities, you have the option to select points of interest near your property.

Calendar – The periods reserved can be entered in the calendar. This option is not available on cell phones. To delete a canceled reservation, go to the “Reservations” option found in your account.

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